Galloway Pest Control Kent and Sussex

Pest Control Services throughout Kent and Sussex

Galloway Pest Control is a family run business that is dedicated to providing a professional pest control service to homeowners and business in Kent and Sussex.

We have always maintained a discreet presence and have listened to the concerns of every person who has experienced pest problems. Our job is not only to rid your premises of pests but to reassure and if required offer free preventative advice to ensure your home or business remains pest free.

With over 20 years experience in pest control you could say we have seen it all. Some days still surprise us though!

We have come across a wide variety of pest and vermin problems in Kent and Sussex. Where we can we will relocate the pest.

There are times that pests must be exterminated to ensure there is no repeat of the problem or infestation.

Galloway Pest Control has always followed Health and Safety guidelines and strictly adheres to correct procedures when using insecticides and other pest removal equipment. We do not use gases and are very aware of our responsibility to the environment..

Wasp Nest Removal